FAQ & Help

1. What is a full body realistic sex doll?

  Full body realistic sex doll is a life size sexual masturbating toy, emotional companion and fashion show model with flexible skeleton and lifelike soft skin. In recent few years,full solid sex dolls are more and more coming close to real person and full solid dolls has become a pillar part of sex toys market.
  As a high fidelity toy to real human, full solid sex doll has features below:
  Different from inflatable sex dolls, full solid sex doll is solid and is usually made of neutral non-smell silicone. By now, most full solid sex dolls enjoys high fidelity skin where you can touch skin texture like real skin. Also almost same skin tone to real human is another important feature of full solid sex doll.
  Full solid sex doll skeleton is usually made of metal skeleton with various technical support and joints, so that you can posture her the way you like. You can treat her just like a real person.
  Full solid sex doll skin are usually made of full silicone. So they are water-resistant, antioxidative, chemically stable.

2.How to distinguish a good doll from a bad doll?

  Some dolls is with good exquisite looking while others are with bad rough looking.Usually good exquisite looking dolls are good. Because only good craftsmanship and material can make dolls attractive and good looking. Some low quality material is lousy and not capable enough for decoration.
 2) Smell:
Good dolls are with none smell usually. Because they are serious in material choosing in the doll processing. Some low quality doll producer is not able to do this due to the cost bill limitation.
Good dolls is with flexible, and tough skeleton. While some bad dolls producers are not able to take this kind of skeleton in doll production because the technics restriction and cost limitation.
Good dolls usually are combined with aftersale services. While bad dolls producer dare not to shoulder the this.

3.What makes sex doll realistic different from other sellers?

  1)Quality oriented and best cost performance
Sex Doll Realistic only cooperate with qualified producers and sell the doll with best price.Every doll we sell will be produced under tough qualification standard. So you will be guaranteed that you will get perfect doll for your each single purchase with best offer.
  2)Customer service
Sex Doll Realistic support various online chat customer service such as Wechat, Whatsapp,Skype, Trademanager, etc. So you will be more easily connected here.And sell representative speaks fluent English, so you can contact via phone call directly either.
 3)Newest exclusive design
Sex Doll Realistic has her own design and developing team. You can get some great new design here.
 4) Professional service
Sex Doll Realistic has served more than 1000 doll buyers worldwide.So the company knows what customers needs very well and are capable to give proper advice for doll buyer.And the company is professional in dealing with custom issue. So the problem in destination country custom is less than other new companies.

4. How to buy the dolls?

It is very easy in order and pay the doll. Choose the doll you like and then fill your information and then you pay. After your payment, we will ship in about 3-5 days usually.

5. How to maintain a doll?

1) Avoid making difficult postures.When you rest the doll, keep the doll leg arm straight downwards.
2)Do not scratch the doll with sharp items and do not pinch the doll very hard.
3)Do not bath the doll in sunshine for a very long time.
4)Do not wear the doll with color fading clothes.
5)When you do not use the doll for a long time, wash the doll and powdering the doll with baby powder. 

6.How to contact us?

Mobile: +8613670196546
We will reply within 1 working days at your messages.
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