2017 Guangzhou Adult Expo

      2017 Asain Adult Expo was helded at Guangzhou Nafeng International Exhibotion center during 3 November- 5 November. A lot of producers and traders of sex toys and sex dolls exhibit their products there. My visit this time focus on sex doll business this time because www.sexdollrealistic.com focus on sex doll business. Many small sex doll factory arises and most of them sell copies and the craftsmanship are not very good though they look similar.
      We only sell WM dolls, JY dolls, Climax dolls, 6Ye dolls, and Irontechdolls. WM dolls, JY dolls, 6Ye Dolls were there this time. I have conversations with all the three suppiers available there. When I came to WM doll booth, I met Mr Jing and had a nice conversation with him. He also shared with me the situation that many small producers do copy and sell with their photos. They have suffered a lot from this either. And the customer also suffered from this. Because the factories who do copies and sell with their photos are to match in skin color, makeup, materail, skeleton and details processing.Also I checked the AI head in person but it is in Chinese. They will upgrade English version in future. The doll can do communication with you and move her eyes and lips.
   sex dolllove doll
   When I came to JY doll booth, I met Mr Jiang who is a young guy in JY doll. But he is very nice and great in doing business.He shared with me that they have kept upgrading in doll craftmanship and designs. To protect themselves, they only share dolls photos and authorized certain resellers in business. And www.sexdollrealistic.com lies in the list. So please feel free to buy JY dolls in our store, you will be gurentted.
   realistic sex doll
   In 6YE doll booth, we do not talked too much. They shared they kept working on a few new models. And it looks nice and special. We will upload them the first time when the photos are ready. Hope you can like them.
   Irontechdoll company was not there this time. But I contacted them and talked in details. They have been working on craftsmanship. Doll material has been upgraded for more durability and anti-presure. This is a great breakthrough.
   So does Climax doll, they was not there either. But I contacted them and talked with them. Climax shared that they are working on photograph issues and are busy preparing for orders. I will go to Irontechdoll and factory basis and get more details in future.
  Many small factories who do copies also sell with a copy head and send with random similar body. And the finger looks strange, poor makeup skill, and some smells bad and feels oil. There is a quality gap between them! As a businessman, I am responsible to let customer know the real situation and help them get the right thing and make wise choice.