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Thank you for visiting our adult novelty store.  SexDollRealistic is an authorized factory based seller of love sex dolls and adult-based products. We only provide high quality doll products and work with manufacturers that meet our quality specifications. Our TPE/silicone solid sex dolls are build and manufactured with great care and exquisite craftsmanship to provide you the most realistic soulful sex dolls ever.  Based in Guangdong, China where most dolls are produced, we always visit most of qualified doll producers for the dolls, so we can control the quality standard. And for each order, we check seriously before shipping.

We guarantee you will get the doll exactly as you see it in the pictures and offer you the best price! Don't be pulled around by a local resellers who claim to sell you better one. They are the same but with higher price because they buy from a reseller in doll producing country and  sell dolls to you. They ask their sellers ship dolls to you directly. So the only difference is that they make price higher for you  while they even are not able to check the doll quality before shipping.  Buy from us. Buy from the safe authorized resources. Buy more easy and safely!

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If you have any questions, please send email to leonardwendy123@gmail.com.

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