Q. Can you give a brief introductions on the sex dolls in your store?

A. The dolls are made of TPE (also called Cyber-skin) and flexible metal skeleton. The material is environment-friendly and healthy, and is widely used in high-end adult products. The doll taller than 100cm has full functional mouth, anus and vagina. The anus and vagina is built via real woman pussy anus. And the internal structure of the holes is similar to those of the human body's physiological structure. When you make love with the doll, you will feel your private part sucked when it enters deep enough. Dolls can do most of the actions that human beings can and even pose some postures not possible for human. You need to use your imagination and skills.

Q. Is my sex doll really the size of a person?

A. All the sex dolls are created via professional artist team who has handled realistic doll creation stuff for over 10 years. They are very experienced at human like stuff creation. So scale, body details, etc are all inspired by a real person. So when you look at the doll, all the body parts are all proportional as a real human. Most dolls are with normal human size while there are some small dolls. These dolls are also like real person via proportions. 

Q. I have owned inflatable dolls before. Is this like that?
A. No, this is not an inflatable doll. Inflatable dolls were some of the first cheap sex dolls made available to the public. It is basically a plastic balloon that has vaginal and oral openings (sometimes anal openings too) that you blow up into the vague shape of a woman before you have sex with it. For a starter, the most obvious difference is the appearance. You can judge it by the photos. Second will be the material and structure. Sex doll in SexDollRealistic is made of cyber skin and flexible skeleton. The doll feels and looks real and can pose the way you like for sex or others. Last but not least importantly is the sex feels. The pussy, anus oral inner structure are like real human, when you have sex with realistic sex dolls, you will get most similar sex feeling sometimes even better!


Q. How closely will my doll match the picture on the website?

A. The doll will be exactly as the photos show. We use what we will sell to customers for photos shooting. If you worry about that before purchasing, please contact our customers asking for real photos or videos before shipping to confirm. And if you purchase from us, and are still worried for your order, ask for photos before shipping for your order. Buy from SexDollRealistic, buy safely and worriless.

Q. How is your sex dolls differ from those of other online store?
 SexDollRealistic  is the official outlet for Irontechdoll. Our office lies in the center of all these factory and we also do quality check in person for our customers. And we have a good control of the doll quality over all our dolls. 
Further more, we offer reasonable price with best customer service. So if you buy from SexDollRealistic, you will be buying from authorized trustable resources.

Q. Do you ship worldwide? How long will it take from ordering to delivery?
Yes, we ship world wide except for some certain countries. USA, Canada, European countries, Australia, most Asian countries are all available to import dolls. For USA customers, no tax. For most European(UK, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Swiden, Neitherland, Spain, etc) customers, they can choose special shipping with all included. So almost no difference with domestic purchasing.
To bring customers better doll, we make each doll newly after their ordering. We only ship perfect dolls and we do not do stock. Producing a new doll takes about 5-7 days usually. Shipping takes about 7-10 days usually. So usually 2 weeks after your payment, you will get the doll.


Q.  How can you protect my confidentiality? And do the dolls come to me safely?

A. We won't share any information about your personal information. And as for package, the doll will be packed in a neatural carton box. So no one knows what it is inside except for you. The doll will be well protected with plastic bubbles, banklet and soft cusions in a strong carton box. So the doll will be shipped to you complete and safe. If not, please contact us. We will be responsible for that.

Q. What payment method do you accept? Is there anything I need to be informed with credit card payment?
A. We accept Credit Card(Mastarcard, Visa, American Express card),WU,TT bank transfer and other local payment(SOFORT,dotpay,Trustpay,Poli,WebMoney,QIWI,Yandex). Most of our clients choose Credit card as their payment methods. But for credit card payment, there are something you need to be informed when you are ready for payment.
1. If your payment via credit card is rejected, please contact your bank. Some bank reject international shopping automatically.
2. If you pay via bank transfer, please contact us with payment slip after your payment. We will get the money in about 3 working days usually.
3. If you pay via WU, please let us know the code after your payment. 


Some important issues when you use the doll.
On the feet:
1) non-standing feet:
The non-standing foot looks more realistic. Please avoid standing dolls due to non protection on the the feet bottom. If you want to stand the doll, please protect her feet.
2) standing feet:
There are three protective pins on the feet bottom to keep the doll standing for a long time without damaging the feet. If you need to stand on her own, you need to adjust to the best angle.
On the vagina:
1) Fixed vagina
The following list is marked and the default is one of the vagina. One vagina is also called fixed vagina. It can not be dismantled and used normally.
2) Removable vagina
The removable vagina is also called a detachable vagina. The vagina is placed in when you get the doll. There is no difference between removable and fixed vagina in terms of appearance and basic feeling. If you want to clean the pussy, please open the doll legs, make the pudendum in a larger opening range, and then take the vagina out. If it is not smooth when you install the vagina, you can apply some body lubricant to the outside of the removable pussy.
1)Avoid scratching with sharp objects such as nails, so as not to damage the doll's skin.
2)Do not pose high difficulty movements arbitrarily. Refer to diagram No.1 when you pose the doll. If the doll is not used for a long time, please pose the doll as you first receive it and put it in package.
3)Place a non-color fading cloth underneath the doll when you pose her so as not to stain or accidentally damage the doll's skin.
4)Place a soft cushion underneath when you kneel down the doll or let the doll do eldow supporting postures so as not to damage the doll's skin due to excessive force.
5)If you scratch the skin of the doll carelessly, please repair it with the glue made by our company. Due to airline restriction, we are not able to ship the glue with the doll. Please buy individually if you need them. Please contact customer service for specific repair methods.
6)Clean the private parts before and after each use, dry the doll with towel, and then powder the doll with talcum powder.
7)Avoid direct sunlight bath for a long time which will shorten the lifespan quick.
8)Avoid drying the doll with hair drier. It might damage the doll skin due to high temperature.
9)If the the doll is out of package for a long time without any covering protection, there might be dust over the body. Please clean with normal temperature water and some bath dew or other commonly used human cleaners. After cleaning, dry the doll. Then powder the doll with talcum powder. After that the doll skin will be smooth and realistic to touch.10) When cleaning the doll, please do not wet the neck joint, so as not to rust and affect the later use.
10) When you dress the doll, make sure that the clothes do not fade. If the clothes are with deep color, please wash and dry even if the clothes do not fade at the moment. If you inadvertently color the doll’s skin, please use the special color cream, smear it at the coloring point, set it a moment, the color will fade, and then apply repeatedly until the color disappears.
11)If the doll will be unused for a long time, it is recommended to pack the doll. First cleaning the doll, then powder it, finally wrap it with a non fading blanket and put it in a package. Try to lay the package at a cool and dry area.13) For short-term storage, You can hang up the doll's body if you have bought the hook with the doll.