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Sex Doll Customization Options

Here at Sexdollrealistic.com, we provide customization options for your TPE and Silicone love doll. You can choose different options to your taste.
Below is a detailed instruction on the options we provide for you.

TPE doll options

Skin Tones

All Irontech dolls have super-simulated skin, long life, no lasting odor and taste, high flexibility and low tear risk. We offer five standard natural skin tones:White, Natural, Tanned, Light Brown, Brwon and Black.


Wig Options
Synthetic wigs that can be removed for styling, cleaning, or full replacement with any commercial wig. When brushing a long wig it is best to use a metal brush or comb and start brushing small sections close to the hair tips. Brush out sections of hair about 3 inches from the ends until they are smooth and gradually work your way up the wig towards the “script”. This will avoid tangling the wigs. Synthetic fiber wigs are easier to maintain than human hair wigs.

Eyes Options
All of our eyes are hand made in our studio. We offer six types of eye options: blue, brown, green blue,green,grey, shining blue.


​​​​​​Feet Options
There are two options:Standing feet and Normal feet.
Normal feet looks more realistic.The standing feet has three protective pins on the feet bottom,then if you adjust the feet to right angle,the doll will not lose balance when it stands on its own. 
If you choose standing feet, there will be $50USD extra cost for it.

Breasts style:

Vagina Options
Fixed Vagina:The built-in or fixed vagina is exactly how it sounds.  The vagina is built-in to the doll just like a real woman.
Removeable Vagina:The removable vagina is a sleeve or fleshlight-esque tube that you can insert and remove from the doll. The tube is held in place by the doll’s labia.  

The fixed vagina is more realistic while the removeable vagina is easier to clean. More details please check here:

Finger and Toe Nail Colors

Pubic Hair
You can also send us the pubic hair style you like before you place the order. 

Areola sizes and colors (same as the Labia colors):

Permanent Coloring For Pussy And Nipples
You can also customize the pussy style with permanent realistic coloring. This process takes more time than normal pussy make up and since it is permanent, there are two color options: Brown and Pink, When just finished, the color of the makeup will be darker, When the pigment is absorbed by TPE, the makeup will become more and more realistic.
Once something is wrong during the process,we have to make a new doll.So there will be extra $100USD cost for this option.

Fixed Tongue:

Replaceable Tongue:

​​​​​​Vagina Texture:
There are five different vagina inner structures, only available for the Fixed Vagina option.

Heating Function:

Operation of doll heating function:
1. Insert the plug and turn on the power for about 30-45 minutes.
2. Don't leave the doll when the power is on. If you forget, it's very dangerous!
3. Due to the limitation of body shape, we can only heat some important parts of the body, such as stomach, chest and thigh. If you want a more even heating, you can buy a heating blanket to get better results.
(If you need detailed operation video, please contact us)
1. The doll with heating function must not be washed in water. It must be ensured that the doll's body cannot enter water, otherwise the heating system will be damaged and serious safety problems such as short circuit will occur.
2. The doll with heating function are forbidden to usewhen it is powered on. When using, the heating power cord must be unplugged.

Moaning Function:

Articulated Fingers:
Compare with the default fingers option, the articulated fingers will make your doll more realistic, you can pose what you like and hold the light things easily. 

Upgraded skeleton will more easier for you to pose what you like.


Accessories and add on:

Head Contactor:
We have two different head connectors, the quick head kit adapter will more be easier to connect the head and body. 

Replaceable Insert:


Penis for TPE Male Doll:
There are 4 different sizes of TPE male doll penis:10cm, 15cm, 20cm and 25cm, available for TPE male sex dolls.
The skin tone options are same as the TPE sex doll.

Penis Size for TPE male doll Usable length Penis diameter Total length
25cm 25cm 5.5cm 30cm
20cm 20cm 4cm 24cm
15cm 15cm 3cm 20cm
10cm 10cm 3cm 15cm

Penis Adaptor for Shemale Doll:
There are two different size of Shemale doll penis adaptor:15cm and 25cm, available for shemale sex doll with replaceable vagina.
The skin tone options are same as the TPE sex doll.

Belly Or Nipples Piercing:

Stain Remover and TPE Glue:

Flight case

Doll Stand