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By | 24 April 2021 | 0 Comments

After visiting the completion exhibition, I fell in love with silicone dolls. Is there any help?

Last week, with the idea of ​​understanding my sexuality, I placed an order for the Shanghai Adult Exhibition. On the way back, my fellow friends complained to me that the two of us who have no sex life are not so much going to an adult exhibition, but rather to a waiting doll exhibition. Indeed, although exhibitors account for no more than 30%, no matter whether it is quality or popularity, doll exhibitors are the most eye-catching presence in adult exhibitions.

Unfocused eyes, broken expressions, inferior wigs, this is what most people think of as a full-length doll, or called it, an inflatable doll.

In the age of underdeveloped information, inflatable dolls that can explode almost carry all my imagination about inferior adult toys. The same was true for the first time I saw a physical doll at the exhibition. When I reached out to the thighs of those "beautiful girls", I was actually prepared for disappointment.

Then there was a mysterious power that stuck my hand on it and couldn't take it off. Isn't this softer than real people?

The touch is second, the head sculpture of the doll is too exquisite. Whether it is Lolita, Yujiekong, or Avatar Control(?), you can always find the doll that suits you best.

A full-length doll is a large-sized doll that is similar to a person's height. Do you want to insist that Qin Shihuang's terracotta warriors and horses can be regarded as waiting dolls? Count. Muppet rabbit? Okay.

Although most of the dolls on the exhibition were dressed in revealing or hot bodies, the exhibitor told me that people choose to take them home at a high price, but most of them are not for rushing.

It's not that the old buddies don't want to rush, they are really impulsive.

A one-meter-and-five doll, the bone is made of alloy and industrial plastics, and the weight is generally about 30 kilograms. At the same time, because of the characteristics of its material, daily maintenance and cleaning are very troublesome. If it’s just for pornography, choose other products that are much better than dolls in terms of price and experience.

Imagine that after the sage’s time, you still need to carry more than 30 kilograms of iron to the bathtub to bathe it. After the shower, you have to dry and pat the powder. If I am such a fitness man, would I need to buy this stuff?

Therefore, in the video of waiting for the body doll at station B, it is more that the doll owners persuaded Mengxin to leave. Waiting body dolls have developed to this day and have gone through a history of 20 years in China. Their adult toys have gradually faded away. Instead, they are similar to BJD (referring to various relatively small exquisite and movable dolls with ball joints). , Is endowed with the companionship function of emotional inclinations.

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