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The experience with sex dolls has gone up in recent years. Forget the old-fashioned plastics, now there are the silicone TPE ones. And the real men who know what to look for, they want the best. Ηere comes Lovers Dolls. Celebrating around 11 years in the market, the professional Chinese manufacturer brings you the most hyper-realistic sex dolls.

Lovers Dolls website is a China factory manufacturer of sex dolls founded in 2009, with favorable price, excellent quality, considerate service, and extraordinary design.

Some images of the factory in China where Lovers Dolls manufacturer makes sex doll for men.

Their extensive online catalog contains more than 200 models of sexy dolls, in wide-ranging categories that including teens, elf, pregnant, mature women, office lady, cosplay, male dolls. Height from 100cm to 176cm, price is favorable, from $400 to $2000, with Flash Sale now.

Of course, inside the site, you will find plenty of dolls for all your tastes and fetish. Asian girls, naughty nurses, kinky wives, bikini babes, lingerie ladies and many more. The pretty bodies will definitely satisfy you.

Take them for example, the pictures we show below, presenting two gorgeous sex dolls. The sexy brunette woman having enormous tits with big nipples or the hot blonde girl with a thin waist and beautiful big tits.

You can design your own sex doll with Skin Color, Vagina, Eyes Color, Wigs, Heads, Nail Color, Lingerie.

The best part at the homepage, I think, is the many pictures that appeared in the front, with various lascivious love dolls. The photos are in a grid style, so with a glance, you can pick your favorite doll. And that is the”difficult” part. You don’t know what to start with. They are all so real and beautiful in different poses. That makes the choices “hard” but pleasurable at the same time, seeing all these sweets. Honestly, I was excited by a bunch of dolls. Surely you can find yours that can fulfill your fantasy.

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