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Help you choose the attractive love dolls

The development trend of the adult products market is more and more bigger, more and more people purchase sex products online. Looking at adult products, sex dolls have to be said to have become a popular choice, and it is a product that many users love to purchase. So what is the attraction of sex dolls?
The professional team of sex doll production and processing provides a variety of styles to choose from. Here, we will show you several major features of sex dolls and reveal the reasons why they are popular in the adult products market.

1. Realistic design
Although inflatable sex dolls have been the choice of many users for a period of time, but their unreal, and unreliable disadvantages have slowly eliminated them. Sex dolls have quickly swept the adult products market by virtue of their own advantages. Because sex dolls similar with human skin, and sex doll has it own skin physique. Therefore, the material of sex doll must be good. The touch of the material is the same as that of human skin, no smell and soft. And sex dolls are generally made of silicone or TPE and metal skeleton. TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is stronger and softer than silicone, which has good tensile strength.


2. Various functions

Inflatable sex dolls are rigid and can't meet their own needs at all. Sex dolls are quite different. Not only have a variety of styles to choose from, but also their functions have been greatly improved, and their intelligence level has been improved. It is no longer just a rigid doll, but a real person with "blood and flesh". It supports the temperature increase during use, and the doll also have the moaning function, making it more comfortable to use and make the doll more realistic. With the improvement of current technology, the production and research and development of sex dolls have been further strengthened, and strive to provide a safer and healthier use experience.

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