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As our experience know, more and more sex doll manufacturers have been experimenting with different realistic materials in the quest to demystify the experience and offer sex doll enthusiasts with a wide range of options to choose from.For a long time, silicone was seen as the best choose material by sex doll makers because of its can resolve a lot of the problem of TPE that the TPE matertial cannot fix it.

However, base on the material's cost more expensive than TPE, which means the retail price of Silicone sex doll more expensive than TPE sex doll, making silicone sex dolls more expensive, and a lot of customer choose TPE love doll being their first doll.

So we would like to let you know more about Silicone love doll in here.


Known for its durability, ease of cleaning, and human-like feel, silicone has been used as the go-to sex toy material for decades. The material which looks and feels like the human skin houses a blend of silicon polymer, carbon and oxygen. Depending on the composition of the components, silicone can vary in softness. And since the material is heat resistant, heating functions can be incorporated in silicone-made sex dolls to further enhance the experience.

MAJOR impact you choose our silicone sex doll

1. The Levels of Hygiene

When it comes to sex dolls, hygiene is measured by determining whether the material used is porous or non-porous. Silicone sex dolls are non-porous, which makes it easy to clean and sterilize regularly to enhance the doll’s hygiene. The material features a soft surface free of pores where water and other body fluids can be trapped either during cleaning or sex.

2. True-to-life Sensations

The main value of introducing a sex doll is in order to enjoy true-to-life sensations just like you would with girlfriend/boyfriend.That is why Sino offer more premium options to customer to choose, like Hyper-realism effect, smooth matter effect, ultra-soft vagina/ass/tight etc.
Both silicone and TPE materials actualize your fantasies with a blend of warmth and excellence that you’ve always wanted.However, when it comes to integration of technology to enhance the experience, TPE falls short.
Silicone is less sensitive to heat as compared to TPE, which means you can integrate heating functions as well as enjoy warm showers with a realistic silicone sex doll but not with a TPE sex doll.

3. Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, silicone edges TPE because of its pore-less build that makes it easy to clean the sex doll. Silicone doesn’t stain easily and can be sanitized once in a while, meaning the latter is more demanding in terms of maintenance

In conclusion, both silicone and TPE materials possess a set of pros and cons that will resonate differently to people depending on how you intend to use your sex doll, the price you’re willing to pay, the amount of time you wish to spend in maintenance, among other variables. Both materials come in good quality and are similar in many degrees, but it comes down to individual preferences.

Understand what you want and pick the sex doll material that resonates with your situation the most.

I hope this article will help you know more about Silicone sex doll and find the best sex doll for you.

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