Irontechdoll Advantages
As the doll industry grows,we must make sure that our products meet the customers demands and try our best to make everyone satisfied.The brand Irontech Doll we own,have many advantages that other dolls may not head.Here I will introduce the advantages of Irontech Doll below:
Traditional Irontech sex doll advantages:
Traditional skeleton but tough enough to make various postures and durable for a long time;
Durable test for 200 times movement for each joints without making them loose, which is qualified doll standard among TPE dolls;
Good TPE and proper proportion for a properly soft and durable skin;
Almost no smell and less oil omission;
Standard craftsmanship and better polishing for a realistic appearance;
Upgraded Irontech sex doll advantages:
Based on the traditional Irontech doll, new upgraded Irontech doll has been developed for a better doll performance.The features are as below:
Special skeleton design
1.Double joints neck for a more realistic neck postures. Double joints design is similar to real human so that the postures can be realistic. Traditional design is only with a metal soft pipe which is not so realistic and vivid to operate.
2. Shoulder joints upgrading, which will enable shoulder perform like real human. Robot love doll shoulder can be moved upward, downward,forward and backward.
3.Easier head combination design. Head will be combined only by pressing which will save time for doll establishment and protect the neck from being damaged by rotating the head.
4.In all, the skeleton are upgraded for more tough and realistic performance. Durable test has been done to prove that the skeleton can be done for over 500 times movement for each joints without making them loose, which is a best performance among all the dolls within 2500 USD dolls.
Better skin
  1. Better TPE and best proportions to make the skin properly soft and tough enough;
  2. No smell, least oil emission;
  3. Better craftsmanship and longer time more delicate polishing;
  4. Every doll pussy and anus will be closed, when you use it for the for the first time, you need to open it. In this way, each silicone sex doll will be a virgin to you.