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Silicone Doll Options

Silicone doll options

Skin Tones:

Wig Options

Eyes Options

Feet Options
There are three different Feet options: Normal feet、Standing feet and standing feet without bolts.
The appearance of the standing feet without bolts option is same as the Normal feet option, but it is made by hard and durable silicone material, so the softness will be slightly harder than ordinary options, and the soles are durable and not easy to damage.

Vagina Options 

Finger and Toe Nail Colors

Articulated Fingers
The default fingers options is made by wire, if you want to make your sex doll become more and more realistic, articulated fingers option is a good choice.

Gel Butt
Gel butt is the most popular option for our silicone dolls. Like the breasts, they are made of super soft silicone gel and feel soft as a real person.
If you like a more realistic sexual experience, Gel butt is the first choice!

Gel butt option is only available these silicone bodies: 152cm, 153cm, 158cm, 160cm, 164cm, 165cm and 168cm

Gel Belly
Gel Belly option is available for 158cm Pregnant sex doll, it is an extra option, if you want your love doll with a soft belly, you can let us know when you place the order. 

Moaning Function

Heating Function

Implated Hair
There are three different hair color for the implanted hair option, if you want to implanted the hair with different color and different hair style, please contact us before you place the order.

Penis for Silicone Male Doll:

Penis Adaptor for Silicone Shemale Doll:
There are two different sizes, 15cm and 25cm, available for the shemale silicone doll with removable vagina.

Doll Stand:

Oral function:
All the silicone heads are available, Please contact us if you want to change the head to soft silicone head with oral function when you place the order.

More accessories: 
Please contact us if you want to add any accessories for your love doll.