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How to store physical silicone dolls?

After buying a physical silicone doll, the first problem we face may not be how to use it, but how to hide the physical silicone doll, because after all, this is a product with high privacy. It is not very good if it is seen by others. It will be very embarrassing.

How to store physical silicone dolls?

When we store physical silicone dolls, we must pay attention, because incorrect storage methods are likely to damage the physical silicone dolls and cause unnecessary loss.

Suggested storage method

1. Hanging

Hanging is a very good storage method for physical silicone dolls, so that the dolls will not be squeezed in any way. We can use the closet and clothes rack in our home to hang, and we can also buy a special physical silicone doll hanger. This storage method has certain requirements for the space in the home, because it needs to create a separate space for the physical silicone doll.

2. Lie flat

Assuming that your home environment is not suitable for hanging the physical silicone doll, you can use the method of laying it flat. This method is suitable for a wider range of people, and most baby friends are also accepted in this way. When storing the solid silicone doll on its back, it is best to add a sponge underneath, or use a pillow instead. In any case, use a softer thing to better protect the solid silicone doll from damage.

Admission taboo

1. Sitting

This storage method is wrong. Assuming that the solid silicone doll sticks to the sitting position for a long time, it may cause the legs to crack due to its own weight. If it is necessary to stick to the sitting position, it must not be too long, and she needs to lie down for more than a day.

2. Standing

Most physical silicone dolls cannot stand, that is, certain physical silicone dolls with a standing function are not suitable for standing for a long time. When standing, all the weight of the solid silicone doll will gather on the soles of the feet, which can easily cause the soles of the feet to crack. For the sake of the physical silicone doll and your sexual well-being, it is recommended that we do not try to make her stand up, and try not to use this posture when you come to love sex.

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