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By | 30 January 2021 | 0 Comments

New series and new innovation of Irontechdoll

Dear Members:

Thanks for your support and interest in our products in the past year, we are very grateful about all these.
According to the different needs of the market, We are releasing two new series, IE Irontechdoll Starter Series and Irontechdoll Super Realistic Series after CNY. They are all partially finished or being prepared in creations.
 Irontechdoll Starter Series 
Will cover 5 different shaped adult like bodies and 8 different style adult faces 
(They are both in mini size between 103cm-115cm).
Two different real human-like ass.
More pictures of details of mini size sex dolls please contacts us directly:
 Irontechdoll Super Realistic Series 
will cover 8 different silicone faces and two different style female silicone body.
We will combine silicone face with our normal TPE body as well for customers. So they have more options.
For main product, Irontechdoll Normal TPE Sex doll,
There will be 2 new female bodies and one 175cm tall athletic male doll body, and 12 different faces ( 3 male faces and 2 female faces)
We shared some of our new creations. So you will know that all is in order. And you will see results soon!

More details of our new products will be constantly updated.
If you place the order on our website shop during CNY (Feb 4th to Feb 18th)
we can also get the free options below.
1. Free extra face.
2. Free Gel tits.
3. Free upgraded skeleton.

    For starter series and torsos,
1. 80 USD for an extra face
2. 50 USD for gel tits
3. Free  upgraded skeleton.


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