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Why do buyers treat silicone dolls as a "person"?

The difficult development of the body doll depends on the innovation of technology and appearance of domestic manufacturers. It is precisely because the doll is becoming more and more exquisite that buyers are increasingly looking at it as a "person".

An old baby owner who happened upon me at the exhibition told me that if you treat it as a beloved doll and clean it every week, the doll won’t be broken if you leave it at home for ten years; Strange movements, within half a year, the baby’s skin will crack, "Looking at the beautiful face I like, I don’t think you will be willing."

Humanoid dolls appeared 40 years ago. They were first made of rubber in Japan and sold for about 38,000 yen. The price of motorcycles and the feel of motorcycle tires are not what ordinary people can consume. In the 1980s, dolls made of soft rubber appeared, and the hand felt better, and the price soared to 100,000 yen.

The silicone doll we are familiar with today did not enter the Chinese market until 2000. Ten years later, TPE (a kind of high resilience, high strength plastic) body doll was made as a real clothing model for the first time in China, and after numerous technological innovations, it now has a soft and malleable feel. Strong limbs.

At present, most of the full-length dolls on the market use a combination of silicone head sculpture + TPE limbs. This ensures that the facial features are delicate enough and the body is soft enough.

In addition, there are cloth dolls and dolls made of hand-made materials. The cloth dolls are relatively light and take the second-dimensional route. The fabric skin is filled with soft materials such as sponge, and you can have it for less than 5,000 yuan. The hand-made material is even heavier. It loses its softness but its exquisiteness is unmatched by other materials. The price of a single unit exceeds 50,000 yuan.

Therefore, silicone dolls firmly occupy most of the domestic market due to their high quality and low price. From the first domestic doll manufacturer EXDOLL to improve the silicone production process, silicone doll manufacturers began to find ways to create their own advantages, so as to better satisfy consumers. Yes, everything can be rolled inside.

The most eye-catching thing about this adult exhibition is probably Bi Zhiliang, a robot head that can respond to external touches. The price after mass production does not even exceed 5,000 yuan. Really, there is nothing wrong with this technology.

Sanhui introduced a doll with a head and body a year ago. Unlike other ordinary dolls with a separate head and body, there is no interface between the head and the body. At the same time, the head carving is so exquisite that the internal structure of the oral cavity is made, except for the expensive. It is an advantage.

Some manufacturers have moved towards a customized route. LastOrder Manyan is a manufacturer that specializes in custom-made two-dimensional dolls. Any wife you want can be customized as long as you provide pictures, and the price is not much different from ordinary models.

Let's talk about the big guys who change the makeup first. Unlike BJD, the makeup of the body doll is more important to create a sense of reality. From the skin pores to the blood vessels of the limbs, makeup artists need to carefully shape it. Due to the material characteristics, the harder makeup brush may directly tear the skin of the doll. Therefore, most baby owners will choose to give their baby to a professional makeup artist for modification.

Most of the hardcore baby owners talk about accessories selection, second-hand modification and so on. The group I joined in the adult exhibition has become a popular science group for sellers, and even after a period of time, it will use live broadcast to conduct popular science lectures online, just like a group of serious enthusiasts. The most unexpected thing is that the sex ratio in the group can actually be seven to three.

Boys and girls have different needs for buying dolls. As I said earlier, when a male baby owner buys a doll, he wants more of a sense of companionship. When a cute new group wants to engage in pornography, they will also be blocked by the old baby owner. "The real meaning of a doll is really when you need comfort the most, when there is no one to accompany you through those difficult days, it’s best. An accompaniment."

At the same time, what they have to bear is the strange eyes of the people around them. As you can see, the occasions where ordinary people can come into contact with these dolls are adult exhibitions.

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