A special lady, Suzie, is ready !
    All doll lovers know that full body solid sex doll falls into two main categories, silicone sex doll and TPE sex doll. Silicone sex doll is more bearable and is easier to be more realistic while it is harder so that it is more companion and model oriented. TPE sex doll is delicate and not easy as silicone to be realistic. While TPE sex doll touches more real and is more sex company oriented.
     Full solid sex doll industry develops very quick. Various dolls comes to meet doll lovers while quality differentiate a lot. And most dolls do not have their distinguishable features or even though there are some distinguishable body features but no soulfulness. So to speak, great dolls with great quality, realistic appearance and soulfulness are not so many. Some silicone doll brand such as real doll, 4 wood are great. But they are made of silicone, and price is very high.

     Based on this background, sex doll Sex Doll Realistic spent a long time focusing on developing a soulful realistic with special popular style. Skeleton and feet standing design is an important issue for doll users. We take most upgraded skeleton in doll building. First, we use Alloyed metal, so that the skeleton is more tough for longer use. Second, exclusive lubricate joints was employed so that when the doll changed posture, it will be easier and no harsh sounds will be produced. Third, the waist can not only be rotated but also be all directional bent. Most dolls are with rotate-able only waist which restrict the dolls performance a lot. Fourth, wrist and ankle are hinged instead of wire constructed, which is easy to be damaged and not vivid for postures. Finally, standing option is possible. In the meanwhile, the doll feet bottom is made of hard silicone and the standing bolt in the bottom can be made invisible.

     Having conquered the skeleton problems, we try to solve the contradiction between Silicone dolls and TPE dolls. We decided to take a combination of both dolls features, and make dolls to certain softness to keep best softness and realistic features. After thousands technical experiment, the ideal status is reached. When all these are ready, we searched the doll market and do a lot of interview of doll users and potential doll buyers.We decided on our Suzie, inspired by Kim Kardashian sexy figure.After six months of art creation, Suzie finally comes to meet us.
     With around 2100 USD, you can take Suzie home now.Are you still hesitating?